Projecting Business and Entertainment into the Next Generation of Communication

Invent Your Own Dimension and Dream With Us

8th Mass Medium is a freelance multimedia production studio specializing in 360 Virtual Reality (VR) cinematography, Augmented Reality (AR) product integration/app development, and 3D spatial photogrammetry for real estate and VR development combined with our 3D modeling, animation and interactivity.

8MM captures time, sound and space, transporting viewers into an immersive and interactive experience of concerts, nature, sporting events, education, real estate, tourism documentaries and much more, with creative techniques for custom edits combining 2D with 360. With top-tier development partnerships in AR/VR/MR/VFX and a global team prepared to contract services, we can fulfill every aspect of anyone’s needs regardless of content with quick turn around, 8MM’s partnership with leading technologies in AR medical applications will fill out the full spectrum of talents enabling any business or artist the ability to translate their complete spectrum of global reach into the 8th mass medium

Virtual Reality

VR Services:

  • Concert, Event, Film, Wedding and Documentary VR Cinematography Services
  • 4K VR Live Streaming
  • Post event On-Demand content distribution and monetization
  • Custom VR Animated Logo etc. and video integration
  • Custom VR Film Editing
  • E-Commerce integration into OZO footage
  • Custom Printed Google Cardboard and VR apps
  • E-Commerce interactive VR commercials
  • Custom VR transtion animations

Augmented Reality

AR Services:

  • Microsoft Hololens MRI/CT Scan Overlay
  • Custom AR Experiences and Apps
  • Image recognition and 3D AR triggers
  • Geotargeting/Geofencing Push Notifcations
  • Advertisement Development
  • SLAM / Simultaneous Localization and Mapping
  • Custom 3D modeling & animation

3-D Mapping/Scanning

3-D Scanning Services:

  • VR experience
  • Video fly through tour to embed
  • Dollhouse View
  • Interactive 3D model
  • Measured Schematic Floorplans
  • E-Commerce integration,
  • Informational ‘tagging’
  • Embedding 2D images and video
  • Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Matterport Real Estate Photogrammetry


Welcome to the next era in mass communication and broadcasting.

Humanity’s speed and capacity to transmit information has changed substantially since the Gutenberg printing press in the 1400’s. Widely considered the 1st Mass Medium, print media allows us to replicate ideas quickly on paper and broadcast them through books, newspapers, magazines delivered as far as the raven flies. Fast forward 400 years later, Thomas Edison ushered in the 2nd Mass Medium when he recorded sound waves on onto a sheet of tinfoil wrapped around a spinning cylinder. With the phonograph, we began listening to sound and music recorded many miles or years apart from our present space and time. The 3rd Mass Medium arrived with motion pictures, recordings integrated with photography, allowing us to see and hear both real and imagined worlds. With the advent of the radio and transistor igniting the 4th mass medium, listeners received transmissions of new information and perspectives in real time from around the world. Television followed as the 5th mass medium widely used as the primary source of information for billions worldwide today. The next and 6th mass medium of the internet has allowed the common man immediate access to the global collective brain, enabling transformation in every level of society and economics. As the internet went mobile adding GPS to create the 7th mass medium, location-based information has given humanity an ever-growing sense of “omnipresence, assembling the ability to investigate, assimilate, monetize and now broadcast live from and to any human since only 1998.

Now we have arrived at the dawn of “Computer Vision”, and the 8th Mass Medium. Our team has been preparing our skill sets, URL’s and Intellectual Property to help guide businesses, art, nature, musicians and non-profits into this new medium for nearly a decade, and are prepared to work with you to create the most appropriate and effective solution to exceeding your dreams, and staying on the cutting edge of technology and emerging trends. We will help you harness your imagination into maximum ROI for your investment of time, money and imagination.



Here is a list of some of our most recent projects:

  • Alien AR “Chestburster” Tshirt – Creative Apparel Artist
  • Everyone Orchestra – Salvage Station – Asheville, North Carolina
  • Dumpstaphunk – Asheville, North Carolina
  • Dumpstaphunk – Brooklyn Bowl, NYC
  • Matador Soul Sounds – Brooklyn Bowl, NYC
  • Organically Good Trio – Brooklyn Bowl, NYC
  • Secret Agent 23 Skidoo – Grammy Winner – Asheville, North Carolina
  • Papadosio – Oregon Eclipse Event
  • Sound Tribe Sector 9 – Oregon Eclipse Event
  • Aligning Minds – Oregon Eclipse Event
  • Documentary Footage – Oregon Eclipse
  • Beebs – Appalachian Blue Ridge “Porch Sessions”
  • Emily Mussolino – Appalachian Blue Ridge “Porch Sessions”
  • Yellowstone National Park – 3 Locations
  • Grand Tetons National Park – 4 Locations
  • The Royal Suits – Professional Wedding Cover Band & Wedding
  • International Body Painting Championship – Runway Spin




28 Battery Park Dr., Asheville, NC 28801